Terms of Use
I.  General Terms of Use Applicable to All Site Users
Your use of this site - including the printing of COLORING PAGES (see Section II, below) - constitutes your agreement with these terms of use.  

All graphics, illustrations, images, video and sound files and other content, including the look and feel of this site, are the property of SuperKids TeesTM or our affiliates. YOUR USE OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY MATERIAL APPEARING ON THIS SITE IN VIOLATION OF APPLICABLE COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS, including but not limited to the creation of derivative works.

Actions expressly prohibited include, but are not limited to:

• Framing or mirroring this website or any part of it on another website or server.
• The posting, on any website, of any pages, content, illustrations, etc. appearing on this site without our prior express written authorization.
You may link to the pages of our site provided there is no deception about who the content belongs to.     
Images appearing within coloring pages or in any area of our site MAY NOT be included in books, magazines, curriculum guides, flyers, brochures, websites, television shows or other media without our prior express written authorization.

II.  COLORING PAGES Limitations of Use

A.  Permission is granted to print and use the free coloring pages appearing on this site for 
B.  Permission is granted to parents, educators, classroom instructors, nursery and daycare workers and other individuals working on a paid or volunteer basis to use SuperKids Tees COLORING PAGES in the context of their instruction, supervision and/or care for children within a home, classroom or community setting (e.g., church or synagogue, scouting, after-school program, etc.), subject to the additional conditions specified herein (see below).
C.  All users must comply with the following:
1)  No resale; Limitations on distribution
In the absence of our express prior written authorization, you agree not to sell the COLORING PAGES for any purpose or distribute them in connection with the promotion of any goods or services, including but not limited to online sales and commerce, nor include them as part of a larger package intended for resale or distribution in connection with the promotion of any goods or services, including but not limited to online sales and commerce (e.g., you cannot distribute them in a packet of materials designed to promote your product, your nursery school, your charitable endeavor, etc.) .  Users of this site also agree not to knowingly transfer SuperKids TeesTM COLORING PAGES to third parties for use in connection with such prohibited purposes.

 2) Copyright Notice
The copyright information (e.g., "©2008 SuperKids Tees") must appear on each coloring page or portion of a page that you print or disseminate. (Generally, this information automatically appears at the bottom of each page when you print each page in its entirety.) 
D.  SuperKids TeesTM reserves the right to modify or further qualify these Terms of Use and COLORING PAGES Limitations of Use at any time, including but not limited to establishing limits on the quantities of COLORING PAGES which may be photocopied and/or disseminated within any given time period.